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Perrazzo Vini d'Ischia

In 1880, in deep gorges in tuff stone of the Port of Ischia, an old barrels shop, Alfonzo Perrazzo & C. born, the oldest winery on the island.
In the early years of the 1900’s, thanks to the initiative of Sir Alfonzo Perrazzo, the Company has achieved important results with the wholesale trade of local wines (quartaruli, barili e carrati), intended to domestic and European markets. The main customers come from Verona and aristocratic sparkling wine of Piedmont and Veneto who, by sea, supply directly to the dock by the Company. Even the Tuscans, for lack of white-skinned grape varieties, apply to Perrazzo to produce their wines. Eighty years since the founding of Casa Perrazzo new energy and enthusiasm revitalize it: the contribution of Bruno and Franco Savastano brothers descended from a noble family of wine producers of Vesuvius (above all the famous Lacryma Christi). With the modernization of wine-making systems and installations create one of the first cryo-vinification with soft pressing. The young Perrazzo owners, proud of their entrepreneurship, after a brief period of adjustment on the Campania region, making their entrance into the national and international markets. Proud to engage in a noble tradition, they dedicate to the founder of the Winery, the most precious of their wines, jewel in crown of the Neapolitan oenology, calling it Don Alfonzo, so in 1964 a special bottle was ‘forged’.
Sign of continuity with the tradition of the Winery are the labels, that have as symbol the Aragonese Castle, declared by Sir Alfonzo Perrazzo, national monument and symbol of his company, to emphasize an ideal blend of the highest artistic beauty and the best product of its surroundings..

Ischia Bianco, Ischia Rosso, Biancolella, Per’ e palumm, white and red Vigna Spadara, white, red, rosary Don Alfonso,  white and red Tufaceo.

Other farm products
The Sparkling Parracine;
Grappa: Biancolella, Per’ e Palumm, Don Alfonso, Ischia Bianco.

Opening Days and Hours: from Mondays to Sundays
Summer hours from 9.00 to 24.00
Winter hours from 9.00 to 20.00
Days and visiting hours: always possible by appointment

Services provided

  • Free Tasting
  • Guided Tasting
  • Groups welcome
  • Groups Reservation
  • Credit Cards Accepted

Via Porto, 36
80077 - Ischia (Na)
Tel.: +39 081991600 | Fax: +39 081982981
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address  Via Fasolara, 49
80077 - Ischia (NA)
 tel  +39 081.507.40.22
 fax  +39
 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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